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Need help? +234 803 3167 683

Xhorse Remote Tester for Radio Frequency Infrared

  • 300Mhz-320hz
  • 434Mhz
  • And More

$ 199.99


Product Description:

Xhorse Remote Tester Radio Frequency (FR) Infrared (IR) can detect frequency as well as infrared working or not.


Xhorse Remote Tester Radio Frequency (RF) Infrared(IR)

Frequency Test Range:

  1. 300Mhz-320hz
  2. 434Mhz

Way to Test Frequency:

  1. Put the remote control close to the device
  2. Press any button on the remote control
  3. The indicator that turns on is the frequency


Way to Test Infrared Working or Not:

  1. Press the key.
  2. The infrared indicator turns on – good, off – bad.


This device need extra battery, but the battery is not packed, please get one by yourself.



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