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Need help? +234 803 3167 683
Need help? +234 803 3167 683

Car Keys/Remotes Repairs & Replacement

At CAR CARE NIGERIA, it’s all about value and convenience. Our products and services are typically priced at half of what your local dealerships typically charge. Stop by at our Center for professional service or advice.

  • Bought a used car with missing remotes?
  • Lost a remote and need a replacement?
  • Have a remote that needs programming?
  • Lost a chip key or you require a spare?

We can help! We have comprehensive range of original transponder Keys, Chips, Factory and Aftermarket Replacement Keyless Entery Remotes.

Vehicle Tracking

Imagine getting a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of your fleet, whether you’re at your desk, on your tablet computer, or using your Smartphone. With the GPS tracking system, you get just that:

  • The location of your fleet vehicles in real time,24 hours a day from anywhere.
  • You can demobilize any of your vehicles from anywhere in the unfortunate event of carjacking and track it down to its location.
  • The historical status of each vehicle, including when it started up and shut down, as well as its idling status, location, speed and more.

It’s all made possible through our user-friendly GPS Tracking interface that more than 17,000 customers use to easily and effectively manage their vehicle fleets.


Digital Automobile Diagnosis

For most cars, heavy duty trucks and generator makes and models.

A thorough check-up can catch little problems before they become big ones. We use a simple formula to diagnose and repair vehicles. First, we inspect the vehicle and accurately diagnose the problem. We develop an overview of the overall condition of the vehicle. We get an understanding of the condition the vehicle is normally operated under. We then write an estimate for repairs based on this information and contact you to provide clear repair options, costs and repair times. We complete the repairs that you authorize in a timely fashion using quality parts, materials and attention to detail. We quality-check every car before it is delivered back to you.



Become a professional

You are rest assured that we offer you the best, because we are the first and foremost OBD2 Training Center in Nigeria. We ensure that the quality of our customer service and training standards are maintained through constant reviews, self assessment, student feedback and market development.

We offer virtual training programs to clients all over the world, this way distance cannot be a barrier to improvement on your job skills and efficiency.


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